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Free To Be is a research-backed positive body image program for youth in grades six to eight. Free To Be empowers boys and girls to reach their full potential by developing media literacy awareness, cultivating individual strengths, building resilience to social pressures that impact body image and nurturing a positive social environment.


Free to be workshops

We have many different ways you can implement and be a part of Free To Be Talks. 
Find the option that is right for you.


become a trained facilitator

I want to facilitate the Free To Be program myself.


have ftb come to your class

Book a Free To Be trained facilitator in your classroom.


workshops for all ages

Access resources the are relevant to kids, teens and parents.


what to expect from the free to be program

  •  6 hours of research-based curriculum covered over 6 sessions.

  • 25 page Student Activity Booklet where students complete diverse application activities that include role-playing, letter writing, journaling and positive activism activities among others.

  • Visually stimulating PowerPoint presentation to aid a deeper understanding of the material.


We are pleased to release the 2nd edition of the research-based program. It has been updated to be more engaging and powerful based on current research and hundreds of feedback from students and teachers over the past 2 years.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what other’s are saying about the impact of Free To Be on their students:


learning outcomes

  • Understand and explain the impact of appearance pressures

  • Identify messages that reinforce and maintain appearance pressures

  • Reflect on personal experiences where happiness and confidence was not contingent on appearance

  • Understand the extent to which images in traditional and social media are changed

  • Identify problems that arise from viewing manipulated images

  • Describe and develop healthy coping strategies for bad body image days

  • Demonstrate body image flexibility by identifying multiple ways, different bodies have positive and diverse capabilities

  • Identify strengths and internal characteristics students like about themselves

  • Identify activities and values, not based on appearance, that are important to them

  • Formulate plans of how to encourage a positive body image with their peers

  • Explain and identify common stereotypes

  • Understand the negative impact of constraining stereotypes

  • Develop counter-narratives to common stereotypes

  • Identify creative ways to respond to stereotypes in social situations

  • Develop and create a plan for social change related to body image and material covered in program

  • Identify a future version of themselves, which they admire, not based on appearance


Finally the government is starting to fund mental health initiatives!  Here's how these costs can be covered:

  • Within British Columbia the Healthy Living Grants can potentially cover the costs of the license & training.
  • Every PAC is also eligible to receive a Gaming Grant which Free To Be Talks qualifies under.

*If you know of any other grants, please let us know so we can add them to the list!


become a trained facilitator


Attend our 3 hour in-person or online video training and learn:

  • Current body image research and related topics (e.g. social media, technology usage, strengths and gratitude practices) that support the program

  • How to successfully facilitate 6 sessions of Free To Be and to make the program as relevant as possible for your audience

  • In-depth knowledge of program goals and objectives

  • Practical tips for developmental considerations

  • How to navigate FAQs made by youth and support for observations we have gathered from the 2000 students who have completed the program.



ANNOUNCEMENT: Over the last few months, because of generous sponsorships and donations to free to be, it has allowed us to lower the cost of the program to make it more available and accessible!


2 Year License

NEW price! 

$300 TOTAL

 ($150 license + $150/$175 training option - see below)




  • Full access to 46 in-depth, scripted Facilitator Manual

  • 25-page Student Activity Booklet

  • Visually stimulating PowerPoint

  • Access to developer of Free To Be program, Renae Regehr, for support in follow-up and debriefing phone calls

* The 2 year license ensures you receive the most up-to-date editions of Free To Be

Purchasing a program license requires additional facilitator training - see training options below.

facilitator training options


in-person training


  • One-Time Training (3 hours)

  • Currently only available for people in Lower Mainland and Vancouver

  • Benefits to in-person training include:

    • Soft-cover hard copies of Facilitator Manual and Student Activity Booklet to go through during training

    • Refreshing snacks and goodies

    • Flexibility in topics and questions discussed


remote video training


  • One-Time Training (3 hours)

  • Available for all people across Canada and the United States


additional participant training

$150 per person

  • For schools or organizations who are interested in purchasing the licence for their students and want multiple facilitators trained.  

Other pricing options are available depending on the number of participants attending the training (ie. a small number of participants OR more than 10 people wanting to be trained). Email us with your inquiry and we'll happily discuss your options and payment variations.

have a free to be trained facilitator
come to your class

  • We are happy to arrange a Free To Be trained facilitator to come to your school or organization to teach the program.

  • Our Free To Be facilitator’s are engaging, kind and very capable people who have successfully completed the training and are able to effectively facilitate the program.

  • Please note that this is only available for schools in Lower Mainland and Vancouver


Free To Be uses enquiry based learning to develop abilities under all 6 core competencies (Communication, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Positive Personal & Social Identity, Personal Awareness & Responsibility and Social Responsibility) within British Columbia’s new curriculum and can therefore be implemented during regular class time hours.


We are fully booked for the remaining 2018/2019 school year. If you would like your students to receive the practical tools and critical thinking skills from Free to be, consider becoming trained to facilitate the program.

1 classroom

(6 sessions)


This package is for 6 one-hour sessions (less than $45/hour) delivering the Free to Be Program.


  • Maximum capacity is 30 youth per classroom per session.

  • White-board or chalkboard is needed for facilitator to use

  • Access to sound/video on Projector for accompanying PowerPoint

  •  Teachers are required to stay in room and are encouraged to participate in conversation and discussions

2 or more classrooms

(6 sessions)


This package is for 6 one-hour sessions (less than $45/hour) delivering the Free to Be Program to two or more classrooms.


  • Maximum capacity is 30 youth per classroom per session.

  • White-board or chalkboard is needed for facilitator to use

  • Access to sound/video on Projector for accompanying PowerPoint

  •  Teachers are required to stay in room, and are encouraged to participate in conversation and discussions

workshops & resources for all ages

  • Free to Be's program material is highly relevant to kids, teens and adults, and can be adapted accordingly.
  • Founder of Free To Be Talks, Renae provides highly interactive, visually engaging and age appropriate presentations.


Student Talk

Our most frequently requested 1-hour student talk includes topics of:

  • Appearance pressures

  • Media manipulation

  • Media messaging

  • Practical tools and strategies to become a happy and thriving person

*Travel fees may apply


Our most frequently requested 90 minute parent talk includes topics of:

  • Appearance pressures (with a focus on what kids/teens are feeling)

  • Media manipulation & media messages (including traditional and social media)

  • Impact of technology and helpful navigation ideas. 

  • How to promote positive body image through:

    • Building emotional resilience (e.g. how to effectively connect and address the underlying issues of statements such as, "I feel fat" and "I'm so ugly")

    • Uncovering practical tools to prevent negative body image and instil confidence and vitality.

  • Q & A period of time

*Travel fees may apply

professional development

Through a visually-stimulating and interactive presentation participants will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • The myriad of factors that impact a person’s developing body image (with a emphasis on youth)

  • Awareness of how media manipulation and media messages contribute to core belief systems

  • Opportunity to engage in experiential activities to facilitate increased awareness of one’s personal and professional identity

  • Practical tools that can be applied for personal and professional growth.


  • 3-4 hour block of time

  • Maximum 40 participants per workshop

  • Access to sound/video on Projector for accompanying PowerPoint

  • Participants are asked to bring a notepad, computer or something to write with.

Travel fees may apply


Other options are available depending on the number of participants attending the workshop and length of workshop. Email us with your inquiry and we'll happily discuss your options and payment variations to try to accommodate your interest.