Andrea Page



Why did you decide to volunteer to teach the Free To Be program?

I typically teach students who are in the primary grades (Kindergarten - Grade 2) and see how curious, confident, and assertive they can be. 

My current work on completing my Masters of Education and by going through the Free to Be training, I have been given the tools to support students that are approaching or going through their adolescence, which can be a challenging time with so many changes that are happening within oneself. I would love to be able to finish a session with students who can continue to feel that same way they did when they were younger - empowered and fearless. I will be able to support them in using their critical thinking skills with new and different experiences that they may face.

What gets your excited to jump out of bed in the morning?

Coffee!! And the start of a new day.

What is something you are proud of? 

I am proud of the work that I do with my students, my current work in my masters, and the progress that I have made in my running. 

In your mind what is the most important thing that Free To Be teaches?

To be critical thinkers about what the media is portraying. With that knowledge and understanding, children are able to love who they are and be confident in themselves. The world is their oyster!

If you could go back and give your 12-year old self a piece of advice, what would it be?

Always listen to your parents! They are a part of your forever tribe and are on your team. They want the best for you!