What are we learning when we read "Who Wore It Better?"

Photo from Hollywood Life: Splashnews/Getty 

Photo from Hollywood Life: Splashnews/Getty 

We are socialized from a young age to compare ourselves against others. Magazines devote pages to these spreads such as "Who wore it best?" or "Who wore it better - celebrities in identical clothing?" where women are scrutinized and evaluated for their fashion choices and appearance. 

Why is this harmful? 

Research studies indicate that being in environments where someone's appearance is constantly talked about, or being compared to, will increase our body dissatisfaction. 

Additionally, consistently viewing images or engaging in appearance comparison behaviours can lead to an increase in self-objectification, where you treat yourself like an object to be looked an evaluated. 

We are so much more than ornaments to be adorned! We have so much more to offer than just our appearance. 

So, the next time you read a story about "Who wore this red-carpet dress best?" Or "Who wore this outfit better?"  we would encourage you to think about, who is benefiting and who is being harmed from women being pitted against each other?