Jennifer Aniston's Blog Only Addresses The Tip Of The Iceberg

Do I develop a positive body image by actualizing the adage "love your body more," or should I resort to plastic surgery? 

Jennifer Aniston's thoughtfully penned essay on the objectification of women can be added to the growing list of important body conversations occurring; from London's mayor banning "body shaming ads," to Norwegian cities banning Photoshopped model ads, to Caitlyn Jenner and Demi Lovato describing how they overcame body image insecurities, to being #BodyPositive, body image is on our collective mind as a society. 

And while the focus on loosening the ironclad corset and giving breathing room for diverse bodies to be loved and appreciated is a big step in the right direction, something is still fundamentally missing in our well-intentioned conquest to develop a positive body image.

We are still missing the mark because why was more than $13.5 billion dollars(the highest grossing year to date) spent on cosmetic surgery for men and women in 2015?