Here is a general breakdown of what is being taught:

Session 1: Shifting perspectives of appearance pressures

  • Exploration of appearance pressures throughout history to increase awareness that appearance pressures are in constant flux and that no objective standard of beauty exists.
  • Understanding current appearance pressures and the problems that arise by abiding by such pressures.
  • Taking action: Empowering students through interactive memory-based activities that appearance should not be the basis of one’s self-worth and self-esteem.

     Session 2: Media images uncovered

  • Becoming a critical consumer of media by exploring Photoshop and advertising strategies to increase media literacy and encourage a critical stance towards advertising and media.
  • Exploring healthy ways of coping with body image challenges and concerns.
  • Taking action: Developing positive agency and an assertive voice by having students write letters to magazine editors to advocate for change.

Session 3: Body appreciation and gratitude

  • Increasing positive awareness of the diverse capabilities each person has.
  • Exploring individual strengths and internal characteristics to develop gratitude and broaden conceptualizations of ideas surrounding attractiveness.
  • Taking action: Learning how to creatively encourage others and ourselves to develop healthy coping strategies for when students feel unsatisfied with who they are.

     Session 4: Constraining stereotypes

  • Exploring constraining or limiting stereotypes as they relate to appearance and behaviour pressures.
  • Understanding problems that can arise by abiding by limiting beliefs and constraining stereotypes.
  • Taking action: Learning and practicing healthy alternatives and positive coping strategies to dealing with stereotypes about appearance and behaviour.

Session 5: Positive activism for social change

  • Exploring ingrained limiting beliefs and developing positive coping strategies to reframe negative beliefs into positive, healthy beliefs.
  • Taking action: Students pull on the knowledge they have learned in the program and develop projects to take what they are learning outside the classroom walls to create their own healthy, social environments; to increase media literacy surrounding body image; and to decrease internalization of appearance pressures and increase healthy coping strategies actions body image threats.

      Session 6: Moving towards a positive body image

  • Students present their projects to the class to increase their assertive voice surrounding positive body image and to creatively encourage others.
  • Exploring people who have done inspiring things with their lives encourages students to creative positive change in the world.
  • Taking action: Empowering students to become their best possible self by exploring their unique strengths, skills, and internal characteristics to encourage a self-acceptance and self-esteem not contingent on appearance.