We know why you are here;
the same reason we created
Free To Be.


You are tired of hearing rising statistics on body dissatisfaction, and you are done feeling unsure of how to combat the impact social media and technology is having on youth’s lives.

You want to make a difference and you want to equip the next generation to thrive!

Well, you have come to the right place because in our in-depth training & member’s area we are going to provide:

  • 45 page comprehensive and scripted Facilitator Manual for successful delivery of the program.

  • 25 page Student Activity Booklet where students complete diverse application activities that include role-playing, letter writing, journaling and positive activism activities among others.

  • Visually stimulating PowerPoint presentation to aid a deeper understanding of the material. 

  • Access to 10 online informative and research-based training modules (1 hour 40 minutes) you can complete at your own pace (and revisit anytime you want).

  • Downloadable surveys to gather feedback from students on program to enhance delivery and engagement.

  • Access to informative and helpful supplementary educational resources to deepen conversations as you facilitate the program.

  • On-going support for facilitation.


      Free To Be is for you if:

  1. You are a teacher who wants to incorporate research-based media literacy (and so much more) into your curriculum (to see all the learning objectives again, click here)

  2. You are a counsellor who wants to equip students in your school with knowledge and experiences that they have so much more offer the world than their appearance

  3. You are a parent or community leader who want to instill a positive body image in your kids or youth in your community or school.


Sounds like a good fit?



In the meantime, do you want free practical handouts, interesting articles, and more resources to start your own learning?