Understand: We equip youth to recognize nuanced or limiting messages and constraining stereotypes in our social environments, and to understand how such messages and stereotypes deeply impact us.

Critique: We equip youth to develop a critical thinking stance towards constraining stereotypes or limiting messages that are depicted in the media and social environments. Youth also learn how to positively combat and reframe negative self-limiting beliefs or actions into more positive, realistic, and healthy perspectives.

Empower: We equip adolescents to develop a thriving, positive body image through:

(a) engaging in gratitude and strength-based exercises that create personal and social experiences that teach, support, and enhance self-awareness and self-understanding;

(b) increasing one’s sense of authentic identity and freedom from constraining stereotypes of appearance and behaviour standards;

(c) providing students with critical thinking skills to create social environments free from discrimination and not premised on appearance or social identity.